Derek Myers recently moved to Baton Rouge to work as a news reporter for NBC 33/Fox 44, however that endeavor seems to have been cut short after yesterday’s run in with Senator David Vitter. After Vitter exited the Secretary of State’s office Myers approached him with questions that many Louisianan’s would like to hear answered.

Myers’s first question, which wasn’t answered, was whether Vitter’s Louisiana field hearings for his Senate committee were done in an effort to court Louisiana voters in his bid for governor. Myers continued to follow behind Vitter then proceeded to ask him if he was “still frequenting prostitutes.” Vitter ignored the reporter and was whisked away with his wife in a black SUV.

According to The Advocate, Hours later Myers was fired. Myers believes this was a result of David Vitter threatening to pull his ads from the TV station. According to The Advocate, Luke Bolar, Vitter’s spokesman, says that these allegations are “1,000 percent false.” Station manager, Jim Baronet also refuted these claims and was unable to provide details citing company personnel policy.

Further allegations surfaced that Myers pushed one of Vitter’s supporters. Myers denies this.

To stir the pot, Democratic Party spokesman Beau Tidwell, inquired on Twitter for more details after hearing a reporter was fired.

Myers responded back and confirmed that he’d in fact lost his job.

Huey State has reached out to Myers and Bolar. At this time, no response has been received.