The Advocate partnered with WWL-TV to bring us the first public independent gubernatorial poll to hit Louisiana. This poll from Clarus Research Group shows that U.S. Senator David Vitter is hanging on to his title of “front runner” by a thread. While battling sinking approval ratings, Vitter is still slated to make the runoff.

Head-to-head match-ups determined that all major candidates would beat Vitter in a hypothetical runoff, with Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne taking the biggest lead.  Dardenne is just a point behind Public Service Commissioner Scott Angelle in current poll standings. A runoff between democratic frontrunner John Bel Edwards and Vitter would see the largest expected voter turnout, ending in a projected victory for Edwards.

Fortunately for the other gubernatorial candidates, pollster Ron Faucheux of Clarus Research Group says that the numbers are still dynamic with 18% of those sampled still being undecided. Other campaigns still have time to “catch fire” and surge in their poll standings. Is the winner really going to be anybody but Vitter? Or will money and name-ID win this?