For a while, the governors race was the quietest one Louisiana had seen yet. But with just weeks until election day, things are starting to heat up.

Of all the political ads that have blanketed your digital media sources, the most aggressive of those in the race thus far are coming from Vitter’s side. U.S. Senator David Vitter’s Super PAC hit Scott Angelle and Jay Dardenne together in one ad. Jeremy Alford was recently on Fox 14 giving his take on this.

“The strategy is simple. They feel like if they knock votes off of Angelle, they’ll go to Dardenne-if they knock votes off of Dardenne, they’ll go to Angelle. So they hit them both at the same time and they avoid that problem which is a problem for the Vitter campaign. He’s really worried that one of these Republicans are going to start to spike in the final weeks and give him a real run for his money for that other run-off spot,” says Alford.

As of now, Vitter hasn’t gone after democratic front runner John Bel Edwards. With that in mind, it’s obvious that Vitter would rather be in a run off with Edwards as opposed to Dardenne and Angelle. If Vitter does make it to a runoff with Edwards, rest assured he’ll then run negative ads against Edwards just as he did Angelle and Dardenne.