In David Vitter’s first ad, the U.S. Senator makes a promise to eliminate “thousands of unnecessary state cars” in an effort to help today’s “budget mess.”

The Advocate got the other gubernatorial candidates on record. They’re generally in favor, however appeared more cautious than Vitter.

Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne too called on eliminating waste, while warning against a blanket political promise.

“We should examine every cost-saving possibility and implement those that save taxpayers the most money.”

Public Service commissioner leaned on an analogy of being a father of 5, 4 of whom were teenagers at the same time.

“I know how to manage an auto fleet. We’ll be lean, efficient and maximize our resources”

John Bel Edwards reiterated current issues that have arisen from state vehicle citing cuts made in previous years.

“Travel is a necessity of the service many agencies provide. Certain agencies are currently renting cars because of cuts to the fleet and therefore not saving money. I don’t endorse any plan to reduce state owned automobiles until we truly identify such cuts as creating savings”

Turns out that those cuts Edwards mentioned were part of Bobby Jindal’s campaign pledge when he first ran for governor.