Up until now, the campaigns have left the dirty work to their supporting Super PACs  in the world of negative advertising. Vitter’s campaign was the first to end that. On September 19th, David Vitter uploaded two new video’s to his YouTube account.

The first video is titled “Twins.” Here Vitter takes shots at Scott Angelle by comparing him to Obama by citing Angelle’s vote for Obama in the presidential primary, along with a slew of other half-truths.

The second video he released that day isn’t public on David Vitter’s YouTube channel. It’s set to private, however those with a link can view it. In this ad Vitter spins Jay Dardenne into a “dangerous liberal” claiming that he voted against stopping illegal immigrants from coming to take American jobs.

With these ads coming directly from Vitter’s campaign and not his Super PAC, it’s safe to say that Vitter’s campaign finds his current polling position unsettling. While viewers will probably take these ads for face value, someone still needs to do a fact check.