Greater Baton Rouge Business Report recently did a review of some political logos statewide campaigns are using. Of the gubernatorial candidates, most received a good review from the panel of 3 judges. David Vitter was the outlier with all 3 judges giving his logo negative reviews.

“It’s pretty plain and is very reminiscent of a beer logo—particularly the Bud Light logo.”
Natasha Walker

“The ’90s called and they want their swoop back. I think anyone can look at this and say this is not a good logo. He’s running for governor, not president—I get it. But getting the silver package for $19.99 at should have been shot down at the communications meeting.”
Chuck Sanchez

“This is poorly designed in my opinion because it is too busy. There are three different fonts being utilized, which is entirely too many for a logo. You also have the swerve element separating his name from the word ‘governor,’ which implies disconnect.”
Venessa Lewis

While the judges we’re just critiquing his campaign logo, one would think this gives insight to his campaign itself.

Read the whole thing here.