Lieutenant Governor Jay Dardenne, Scott Angelle, and democrat John Bel Edwards attended the LSU Debate Wednesday, held by LSU Student Media’s Tiger TV Team.

As usual Senator David Vitter was a no show for this last debate before the runoff. According to The Advocate, Vitter was in Washington taking care of senatorial duties.

The candidates provided the audience of students with their usually policy answers they’ve given at all of these forms and debates, but one candidate stood apart.

Dardenne spoke directly to the student audience while addressing statewide viewers at home. He bought his A-game for this last hooray.

He painted a vision for the future of Louisiana and made the case for streamlining government. He talked about a Louisiana where graduates and students who excel could stay in the state and raise a family. He spoke about not only engaging the youth, but including them in the process now. Like, John F. Kennedy or Ronald Reagan, he called Louisianians to service.

While Angelle had the moment of the debate with a reference to the American Zombie blog, which is posting an ongoing expos√© series on Senator Vitter’s Wendy Ellis problem,¬†Dardenne clearly won the debate.

Edwards phoned it in and stuck to the script, sure of his runoff spot.

Will this late gumption in the race on the part of Angelle and Dardenne earn either one of them a spot in the runoff? We’ll find out Saturday night.