Blogger Lamar White first released information via his private Facebook profile regarding a private investigator with ties to David Vitter’s campaign being arrested.

The David Vitter Campaign for Governor has paid Bearden Investigative Agency, Inc. over $130,000 to the agency in the past year.


Today, Robert Frenzel, a private investigator working for the Vitter campaign, was arrested by Jefferson Parish’s Sheriff’s Department for criminal mischief.

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Robert Frenzel is listed as an employee of Bearden Investigative Agency, Inc according to information online.


After learning of these wild allegations, we received more information from credible sources alleging that Frenzel had been arrested on the misdemeanor and tomorrow will be charged with a felony.

One source told Huey State say that once Frenzel was booked and questioned, he “sung like a bird.” After giving those details to investigators Frenzel then requested an attorney. While the Louisiana Automated Victim Notification System indicates that Frenzel has been released, two sources told us that he is currently being held on the criminal misdemeanor charge. A source said that Frenzel is still being detained.

Details of Frenzel’s custody status aren’t clear at this time.

The arrest was made after Jefferson Parish Sheriff, Newell Normand caught Frenzel filming Normand meeting with friends for breakfast. After Sheriff Normand realized what Frenzel was doing he proceeded to approach him. Frenzel ran into the parking lot and away from his vehicle. Afterwards Frenzel was apprehended and law enforcement officials involved quickly realized there was a reason why Frenzel didn’t run to his vehicle. They then obtained a search warrant for the private investigators vehicle. Apparently, inside Frenzel’s silver car, authorities found a vast array of sophisticated listening devices and tapes.

It is election eve, but it may be too late for some campaigns to capitalize on this.

One can’t help but feel the hard grin come across John Bel Edwards’ face.